Hi! Below you’ll find information about The 12-Hour Retreat and what the day might will hold. I’m VERY excited and looking forward to being with you and to hearing your stories after the day comes to a close. For now, though…. kt-b

Remember that this Retreat is not meant to be fully online for you. Another way to say that is we don’t want you to sit in front of your computer/ tablet/ phone screen all day. Rather, what we want you to do is get up and move throughout the day as you’re able so that you are better prepared to step into God’s Presence. That may mean you wheel your chair to a different location, or go outside for a walk, or play with your dog in a way that’s fun and brings you joy. You might read some poetry, or spend time talking to God … or Jesus … or The Holy Spirit. You may want to get some crayons, coloured pencils, or paint to write or draw out your prayers. Perhaps your medium for meditating is fabric or yarn. Maybe you’ll find yourself compelled to write in a journal or calligraph an Haiku. You may want to make a last-minute appointment for a massage or Reiki session. That may also mean that you have to take time out to do a little bit of work, particularly if you’re AT work :-D.

The purpose of this twelve hours of retreating is to retreat from all that’s been assailing our minds, our emotions, our bodies, our spirits. The pressure is all around us and too many of us have been internalizing and sharing it far beyond ourselves. We want you to allow yourself to take a respite away from whatever has caused your wonderings to wander into places you wish they had not gone. We want to provide you with ideas and options that will help quiet your fears and calm your anxieties so you can turn your focus away from whatever you’ve been obsessing on and find a place of rest … regrouping … recouping … renewing.

You can come and go as often as you want throughout the day to participate in any of the options. There’s no experience necessary for any of the day’s offerings (you don’t even have to know what something is to attend!); we’ll guide you along every step of the way. We do hope, though, you’ll join us for Compline so can be together as The 12-Hour Retreat comes to a close.

Below you’ll find the link to The 12-Hour Retreat’s Zoom Room that will be open from 7:00AM – 7:00 PM /Central Time. You’ll also find two .pdf files:

  • The 12-Hour Retreat Guide Book you can download if you want to follow or pray the Shared Prayers together with us; and
  • The Icons we’ll be showing during the Morning and Afternoon Sessions – we’ll use two in the morning and two in the evening. Printing these out will allow you to take them with you and gaze at them anytime and anywhere.

If you need anything at all tomorrow, please don’t hesitate to call our Prayer Line at 573.234.4881. Call us at anytime and leave your prayer request … or celebration!

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7:00* AM Welcome & Orientation (all times are US Central)

Shared Prayer Time 1: morning prayer

8:00-8:40   Sunrise

9:00-9:30   Icon-Gazing Session 1

10:00          Lectio Divina (listening to Christian Scripture)

NOON       Shared Prayer Time 2: midday prayer

1:00-1:30   Icon-Gazing Session 2

3:00            Imaging Prayer (yes, it’s imaging, not imagining)

4:30           Shared Prayer Time 3: evensong

5:48-6:40  Sunset

6:40           Shared Prayer Time 4: compline

7:00           Rest well….


  • Click on the above link to go directly into the Zoom Room OR use the ZOOM app, go to Meeting ID 815 0847 3559, and use the Passcode 110420 .
  • No one will be able to see you “live” – only your picture or the Zoom name you choose to use
  • Your microphone will be muted throughout the Retreat
  • Switch to Active Speaker View (the option will be at either the top or bottom of your Screen)
  • PIN our video to keep us front and center on your screen
  • Watch on FULL SCREEN (the Full Screen icon will be at the top of your screen, or you can switch to it in the Meeting tab at the top of the page to switch). To exit the full screen, just click on the ESC (escape) button on your keyboard.
  • If you need more information to navigate through ZOOM, go to this Zoom Article.